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These terms and conditions of use (referred to as "Terms") govern your use of the Worldwide Holidays Limited website (worldwideholidays.co.nz) and any linked pages. Your use of this website will mean you accept these terms and conditions.


The following definitions shall apply throughout unless otherwise specifically stated:

"Worldwide Holidays". Worldwide Holidays limited, registered in New Zealand.

"Terms". Terms and conditions of use

"Website" worldwideholidays.co.nz and any related linked pages or domains.

"Travel Document". Travel documents issued by Worldwide Holidays for all airlines it represents through its arrangements.

Intellectual Property

All materials contained on this website are protected by copyrights. You may use this website for your personal reasons but not for commercial purposes in any kind.

You are not allowed to use, copy or modify, publish or dispute materials of this website, without obtaining written consent in advance of Worldwide Holidays Limited.

Trade Marks and Logos (registered or not) must not be used or modified in any form, without written consent from Worldwide Holidays Limited.

The website, products, technology and processes contained in this website may be interrelated to other intellectual property rights Worldwide Holidays owned or is authorised to utilise by third parties. No license is granted in terms of these intellectual properties unless authorised by Worldwide Holidays. Your use of the website must not infringe the intellectual properties of any person.

Emails or other forms of Electronic Communication

When you request your travel itinerary or related documents to be sent to you by email or other forms of electronic communication, Worldwide Holidays will try its best endeavour following your instruction, but a booking is still in exist even if you fail to receive the information. A travel document is deemed successfully issued and complete after payment has been made and approved. Worldwide Holidays data is the primary record of booking and prevails, in case of dispute. Please contact Worldwide Holidays by email if unclear about your booking as Worldwide Holidays is not responsible of for delivery of electronic communication.

External Contents

This website may contain contents of links, frame website of third parties. Worldwide Holidays is not responsible to maintain or update of the linked contents.

These contents shall not be considered to be recommendation, endorsement or approval from Worldwide Holidays limited. Owners of these linked, or framed contents are considered to be third parties and take their own liabilities. Worldwide Holidays takes no responsibility for any third party in any way.


Worldwide Holidays will guarantee not to misuse passenger information for no commercial reasons. Worldwide Holidays will guarantee its linked third parties the way they utilise passenger information, will try its best endeavour to protect passenger information, and would only use such information for internal amylases and business developing reasons.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the web browser on your computer to improve services for repeated visitors. Worldwide Holidays may install cookies to track information about visitors' use of the website, and provide customers with relevant commercial service contents. Worldwide Holidays may use the information for market research purposes.

You may disable or reject cookies by your choice, however doing so may affect you receiving part of the contents we provided.

Disclaimers and Limited liabilities

Except where to do so would cause any part of these Terms to be illegal, void or unenforceable, Worldwide Holidays:

  • Excludes all conditions and warranties implied into these Terms;

  • To t extents permitted by applicable law, is not liable to you or anyone else for any loss or damage, however caused by use of this website; and

  • Excludes liability arises under contract, for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred in connection with this website.

  • Without limiting the general disclaimer, Worldwide Holidays:

  • Makes no warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of any material or as to its merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Worldwide Holidays is not liable to you or anyone else if mistakes occur in the information on this website is not up-to-date;

  • Will not be liable for disruptions to this web site; and

  • Is not liable to you or anyone else if damage is make to your computer systems when connected to this website or its external links. You must take cautious action to ensure that you are free of viruses and cyber-attacks while using this website.

  • Where Worldwide Holidays cannot exclude its liability, to the extend by law, such liabilities is limit to either 1) to resupply the service or to cover the reservation. cost; or 2) to the value of the booking made, which will not exceed the total paid to Worldwide Holidays, for breach of implied terms.


By selecting Credit Card, WeChat Pay, Alipay or other form of payment, you agree that a third party fee will apply. under certain circumstances that your travel supplier including airlines and/or other land travel support do not provide the services you purchased and paid for, including airline grounding or insolvency of suppliers, the liability is against that supplier not Worldwide Holidays. You agree that you will not seek charge back from your credit card payment, or any other form of payment. you agree that should you do so, you will bear the cost incurred by your action including but not limited to any labour cost, legal costs. You agree to authorise us to charge your credit card the cost for any supplier claimed through us what you caused the loss for the supplier including but not limited to no shows, damaging supplier property, not using any travel coupons by consequence and required. In the event that that selling prices are not displayed as your local currency, you agree to pay the conversion fee (usually between 1-3%) converted by your bank or us using prevailing rate or selling rate by the day from any bank. Some credit card issuers and payment gateways may not refund their fees, you should check carefully with your payment method provider for details.


In New Zealand, prices are displayed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD, while in Australia, in Australian Dollars unless otherwise specified. Some suppliers may display in us dollars (USD), Euro (EUR),Chinese Yuan (CNY) or other currencies, please look carefully while making your booking. Any foreign display may occur conversion fees and currency fluctuation, which is for you to bear.


Worldwide Holidays is designed as all-time on line travel agent, provides 24-7 selling platform services unless interrupted by unforeseen reasons. We guarantee will reply any additional requests as soon as possible, but limited to our working hours, delays may happen, but not late than 72 hours.


Travel Insurance is highly recommended and necessary. In case you fail to purchase travel insurance, you agree that you do not claim loss against Worldwide Holidays and/or its representing suppliers in the range of any Travel Insurance Policy coverage available on your local market.


Worldwide Holidays is an Online Travel Agent in nature, it is ruled out by commercial laws of New Zealand.

Worldwide Holidays is not liable for passenger entry errors or mistakes. Be careful with all entries, specifically about names (identical to what printed on travel documents, like passports), dates and ages. Failure to accurately providing such information may affect validity or travel documents you purchased from Worldwide Holidays website and you should take full responsibility.

It is passenger liability to check validity of passports or other travel documents, obtaining required visas to entry of a foreign country, and obeying rules and regulations of authorities. Worldwide Holidays will not be liable for any mistakes or negligence by passengers.

Worldwide Holidayswill display all terms and conditions of air carriers and other suppliers. Purchasing from Worldwide Holidays means you automatically agree with all specific terms and conditions of any specific travel document from any airlines Worldwide Holidays represents, including but not limited to terms of changing dates, routings, cancellations and refund policies.

Worldwide Holidays will proceed all changing, cancelling rerouting requirements 72 hours prior to departure. Worldwide Holidays is entitled to changing for a service fee to reflect its work and involvement of service on top of airlines and suppliers charges.

In a highly unlikely event that Worldwide Holidays fails to provide travel document of its displayed prices, Worldwide Holidays will choose to negotiate with purchasers for accepting a dynamic increased rates or Worldwide Holidays will fully refund any money received from you may not include fees occurred from payments providers.


Fees, taxes, levies and government charges may apply and may change from time to time, and is beyond control of Worldwide Holidays limited.

Charges may occur when using payment partners, all payment charge details will be displayed transparently through website contents. These surcharges may occur including but not limited to Credit Card, Wechat Pay, Alipay, Jingdong Pay, Bank Account transferring or other form of payments. Passengers may lose part or all of such surcharges in time of cancellation and refund. Passengers may also be charged by your clearing bank in terms of fees and transactional charges beyond control of Worldwide Holidays website, when receiving money.


worldwideholidays.co.nz, including all its contents (excluding external links and licensed contents) is provided by Worldwide Holidays Limited New Zealand (licensing Number 9429037820039)


The Terms are subject to the law of New Zealand and any dispute not agreed by parties to be resolved by arbitration shall be litigated in the appropriate New Zealand court.


You acknowledge that worldwideholidays.co.nz is an Online Travel Agent, IATA Bonded, set to sell and promote international and domestic travel, including but not limited to Airlines tickets, Holidays Packages, hotel (resorts, motel and/or its kind) rooms, rental cars and other travel related products. Worldwide Holidays acts as an agent between you and third party products suppliers, not a service provider itself. You acknowledge that Worldwide Holidays acts solely as agent on your behalf with third party suppliers, you and the supplier are the contracting parties therefore your service provider is responsible for providing you with the service, not Worldwide Holidays as the booking agent. You acknowledge that the information, prices seating times etc. on our website or quoted to you are supplied by third parties including but not limited to airlines, hotels tour operators and other service providers. in event of error, either cause by third party we are representing or our own staff, computer software, we reserve the right, in consultation with you, to make appropriate changes required. Additional fees may apply to you. Airlines and other third party travel providers impose different terms and conditions on the selling of specific travel products displayed in this website. In addition to the general terms and conditions, we try to list the following industry terms and conditions. These form part of the whole terms and conditions applies to you while you purchase through our website. By clicking " I agree", you automatically agrees all terms and conditions listed including Privacy Policy and consent.


You grant us an ongoing consent to use your information to promote and market our products and services and make offers to you. You acknowledge that this consent continues indefinitely until such time you advise to cancel this consent by emailing us. You also acknowledge that your information will be passed to service providers who may have their Privacy Policy regarding how to use your data and it is your responsibility to check each individual privacy policies. For the purpose of our own Privacy Policy, please click here.


Fares. The booking and its price is not guaranteed until payment has been received and the flights ticketed. In the event a displayed fare is not available at the time of your booking and during payment process, some of us will contact you with available fares as an option where usually you may have to pay some extra; or you will have the option to cancel the booking and ask for a full refund. Airlines sometimes display fares that are no longer available, or mistaken ones, or sold out while you are booking and paying. Prices including taxes and levies are subject to availability and may change without prior notice, and are not guaranteed until full payment received.


We charge a booking fee for all normal airlines and low cost airlines, sometimes the fee can be set at 0 value. This will be displayed in the total fare on the payment page. Airlines may apply charges to certain period of the year, some days of the week, e.g. weekends or certain time of the day, e.g. noon flight. Airline fees are different from our fees, they sometimes can both apply.


Fees for you to apply for change of schedule or route may occur fees. Airlines fees may apply as booked on a higher class (no fee deduction when changed to a lower booking class), or reroute to a different routing, confined by tickets rules. We also charge a fee to cover our own costs. All fees must be approved by you by email and fully paid before a change of ticket happens.


To deliver the best possible fares, all fares should be considered not refundable or unchangeable and may incur a 100% cancellation fee. In case of airline rules allowing refund, we will try our best endeavour to help, after deducting our fees of a minimum $100, unless specified.


Flights refund process is as follows, you email to us asking for a refund including fees and taxes and levies, we then on your behalf send the refund application to airlines. Airlines will refund deducting costs by ticketing rules to us and the amount can be affected by currency fluctuations. We will deduct our fees ,commissions and cost including costs from payment gateways, and then refund to you. All cancellation will incur a minimum of $100 fees per ticket,unless specified. We will not guarantee the amount and the time to refund until we receive payments from airlines. It is you responsibility to apply such refund as early as possible, and must be within the allowed period, usually airlines will allow partial refund for unused tickets, within a year from the ticketed dates.


In very rare situations, there may be a tiny percentage that our platform may fail delivering what you purchased. In case of such, Worldwide Holidays's liability is limited to the full amount of money received from you.


All airline tickets must be issued in the name of the passport/photo ID holder. Some airlines may deny boarding for name variations and/or typo. It is your responsibility to check name spelling and other details before submitting to ticket purchase. We are not responsible for any such mistakes by you.


Airlines often change schedules and departure times. It is your responsibility to check any changes at least 24 hours prior to your departure date.


Code share flight is a common practice nowadays for aviation industries around the world, usually showing a four digit flight number. You should acknowledge that the actual carrier may differ from the purchasing information. It is your responsibility to check flight details, departure and arriving terminals and times.


All airlines have different requirements re check-in times and may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to check all details and do as required.


Please note that terminal information may change at any time. Please check with airlines for most updated information. Please allow enough for change terminals.


Each airline has its own policy re luggage rules. In terms of checked luggage, it can be PC system or KG system. Please be aware that should your checked luggage is not up to the airline rules, you may be charged for oversized or overweighed luggage. Some low cost carriers have different rules purchasing different kind of luggage and when to purchase. Please check airlines website for updated information. All airlines have hand luggage limits, and you should obey.


Sometimes airlines may change schedule or cancel certain services. It is your responsibility to check directly with airlines dealing with aftermath. These are initiated by airlines or service providers and are beyond our control. Worldwide Holidays accepts no responsibility for loss or compensation due to airlines or service providers actions. Please contact the involved airlines or service providers directly regarding such issues.


Worldwide Holidays acts only as agent for many tour products suppliers around the world. Worldwide Holidays, but not the service provider itself. We will do our best to ensure all contents are as accurate and up to date to the best of our knowledge. We exclude our ourselves to liabilities of any third party contents.


You should raise any changes to your booking by email and we will pass such information to our product suppliers.


Service suppliers will display their own cancellation policies, you should contact service provider directly for any cancellation requests and deal with them directly. Should there be no clear cancellation policies, the products you are purchasing are considered to be non-refundable. In any circumstances, Worldwide Holidays will charge 15% of the total value cancellation fees ignoring whatsoever your product supplier may agree with you, to cover our running costs.

Worldwide Holidays is not responsible for any hotel description, including but not limited to location, star rating, service level, cleanness whether in alignment with what was displayed in our website; or any car size, availability, failure to provide the promised service etc.

We will not be liable for any losses damages, or expenses for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to negligence, direct or indirect consequential arising from utilizing Worldwide Holidays or related services. Where our liability cannot be excluded, without prejudice, our liability is limited to either 1) for breach of implied terms, to resupply the services or bear the cost to resupply such services; 2) otherwise up to 15% of the total value of the booking made.

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